Posted: 11 months ago

Georgian Company Montage Georgia Plans to Produce Products for Electrification

Georgian electrical management company "Montage Georgia" plans to produce products necessary for electrification.
As the company stated, they have already started producing bellows. They arrange power distribution cabinets for different projects. local production has several benefits, indeed. The most important part of it is the development of this industry in the country.
"Producing products for electrification on site will promote attracting more investments in the local market, increasing and enhancing the economy of the country. Georgian companies won't have to import necessary products from foreign market. Apart from this, we are facing problems in countries in Asia and see sufficient demand. Our Geographical location enables us, to be mediators and supply Asian countries with products of European standards.", stated Davit Kakhiani, founder of Montage Georgia. 
Montage Georgia has already built the building, where they produce different types of plug-ins.

The private company "Montage Georgia" was found in 2007 by them The guaranteed high standards of work, flexible and qualified management, experienced engineers and workers, as well as reliable and authoritative partners ensure "Montage Georgia" with the unchallenged leadership.