Posted: 1 year ago

Georgian Coffee Company 'Mondo' Brings Products to the US Market

The coffee company Mondo has expanded, the company recently added Italian fully automated packaging lines, after which productivity increased by more than 40%.

The company, a beneficiary of the Produce in Georgia agency, exports Georgian coffee to the United States and sells its products at its California branch. The company exports to several countries have also opened brand branches, where it sells its coffee.

Coffee company "Mondo" is a beneficiary of the industrial component of the agency. The enterprise was opened a few years ago with the agency's financial support. The project has invested 5 million GEL and currently employs 50 people.

According to Mikheil Khidureli, director of the Produce in Georgia Agency, Mondo is one of the most successful examples of how private businesses have captured the local market and large markets such as the United States through a state program and state assistance.

"Within the framework of our agency program, "Mondo" was also able to expand and add new, fully automated Italian packaging lines to the enterprise, after which the productivity increased by more than 40%. Mondo activities are clear proof of how effective our programs are. "I am glad that with the help of our program, the company was able to bring the product to the American market and millions of consumers there have the opportunity to taste the quality coffee produced in Georgia," - said Mikheil Khidureli.