Posted: 2 months ago

Georgian Coffee Chain Erti Kava Attends World of Coffee International Exhibition in Milan

The first, distinctive, and notable Georgian coffee chain ERTI KAVA is attending the World of Coffee International Exhibition in Milan, which aims to popularize Georgia as one of the most distinguished and growing countries in the international framework.

Erti Kava aims at establishing Specialty Coffee Association in Georgia and organizing a barista national competition.

As for the history of the brand, it was founded in 2017 and was firstly opened in Mestia. 

5 years have passed since then and today Erti Kava already unites four branches in Mestia, Batumi, and Tbilisi.

From the very first day of the war in Ukraine, the company Erti Kava is supporting Ukrainian refugees and providing them with employment or financial assistance in Georgia.

The turnover of the international company in the first half of 2022 will be about one million GEL, and a total of 40 people will be employed.