Posted: 6 days ago

Georgian Brand KAVEULI PARFUM Ceated a New Unisex Perfume

Georgian company KAVEULI PARFUM, a producer of jewelry and artisanal perfume, has created a new, second perfume "Venera".

Tamara Kapianidze, the founder of KAVEULI PARFUM, told that the aroma of "Venera" is unisex. The sweet feminine notes are neutralized by the notes of masculine, tobacco and bitter coffee.

''The history of this perfume began when I brought home the work of artist Sandro Gunia "Venera". I was so fascinated by his emotion, cheerful mood, ability to enjoy the present moment that I decided to put this emotion into the aroma. In addition, I wanted to share Sandro Gunia's painting with a wide audience, so I put the work in a perfume box.

"Venera" has a tempting aroma. It starts with feminine notes, the scent of cherry blossom and cloves is quickly replaced by masculine tones of tobacco, birch, hay, basil. It's unisex,''notes Tamara Kapianidze. 

You can find "Venera" at Aromateque, Sauvage and Ieri Store. As for the price, the price of a 100 mg package is 880 GEL, and that of a 50 mg package is 644 GEL.