Posted: 3 months ago

Georgian App ''Move'' Let's You Monetize Moving Around the Cities

Interview with Aslan Tsivadze, author and founder of the first Georgian cybersports game "Move".

Tell us about "Move", how did you come up with the idea to create the game and how much time did it take you to develop it?

 Creating Move has a long history ahead of it. I suddenly flew to the US 2 years ago for some reason. One evening I had a meeting with a few friends with whom we were discussing doing a new project. This, too, was the idea of ​​the game app, though a little different, and, most importantly, many of the offense topics were also planted indirectly (car racing in the mobile app, which would lead to traffic violations, etc.). They offered me to work on it. I took a few days to think it over, sitting under the Williamsburg Bridge. I wanted to create something new, I felt like there was a chance here.

I wanted to create a game that the whole world would be interested in; Which would have both gambling and financial gain (obviously within the law).

I combined in my mind absolutely every game I had ever played before and finally thought of this project. We thought a lot about the name - alone and then with the team, but in the end, Move was selected for the game title, and the users are Movers.

Generally, every human success is related to movement - the movement has no bad side, right? Our movement = good luck and so I decided to name it MOVE.

Tell us about your team, who are your employees? What’s the work process like and what is your goal?

None of the team members were selected with official CVs and standard interviews. I love to study people and think of some scenarios in my mind. When the project framework was somehow formed, I contacted each of them one by one and told them about the project.

Neither I nor probably any member of the team will forget the first reactions they had after getting acquainted with the project: "And there was no such project before?" Yet no one has done anything like this.

These are the people who from the very first day slowly grew the team and added to the idea - just the big idea that we can move the earth. We want it and we can do it - in reality, everything depends on desire and movement.

I couldn’t wait to move back to Georgia and found imaginative people like me to start something that not only in Georgia but also in the world no one has tried.

I posted while still in America: friends, I need a developer, the rest I’ll share when I’m back. Some people responded to me, and I had a feeling for all of them one by one - who would be involved in the project, who - couldn't. Those who have been involved in this project have not disappointed me.

These people, all of them, are leading specialists in their field: web developers, marketing specialists, designers, financial managers, lawyers ... - Everyone knows and understands their work. And most importantly, understand the essence and meaning of this game. Look at the design and the logo: Our designer created exactly what Move needed, from the beginning to the end. Not to mention our developer who created the entire app-his second child, so to speak.

Before the launch of the game, ambassadors were added: these are famous people in their field who have a large audience in various media: Irakli Makatsaria, Ninutsa Makashvili, Giorgi Sarishvili, Liza Kenia, Super Skinny.

In the first two days after the launch of the game, quite a lot of people became interested in the game, what is the reason for that?

I agree, in the first 1 week we have 1500+ registered members and 2000+ downloads of the app. First of all there is the idea: it is simple and genius - then comes our desire and belief that we can do it. Added to this are our Honorary Members or - Advisor - Emissary - Partners. All members can use their unique referral code to bring in their friends, and the more people they invite and they buy the membership, the greater their status and financial gain.

The referral system is as follows:

Up to 100 invited players - 10% of their paid amount will be credited.

Up to 500 invited players - you will receive 15%.

Out of 1000 players - you get 20%.

Considering pandemic and the global financial crisis today, everyone needs additional income- This new sport allows you to go out in the air and just make money on the go.

As we know, "Move" uses many different game elements, what does it mean and what tasks do players have to perform?

Yes indeed. When I was thinking about the project I combined a lot of game scripts and created MOVE.

The game has two missions: Free Campaign, which is free to play, and Tournament, which is a paid and much more adventurous version of the free game. During the campaign game, the player is shown a map of his location (for example, Tbilisi, Batumi, Rustavi, Kutaisi ... etc. Both cities, towns, or villages) and the pins are dropped. His mission is to pick up a pin and accumulate points that can be exchanged once for the Tournament game. So far the pins are placed on the churches, i.e. we only have a church tour, but in the future, it will soon be added to stadiums, museums, interesting buildings, cinemas, restaurants, chain stores ... etcThis game is more cognitive in its essence and is focused on getting to know your city/region better.

As for the Tournament, the registered user must purchase the 1-6-12-month package at the appropriate price and join the game. After that, every 5 hours the program sends a notification and notifies the players about the activation of the new zone. The zone is active for 1 hour and is randomly selected on the map. The user's mission is to get to the activated zone as fast as possible. The app shows that he has taken on a mission. In this version of the game, we have a leaderboard where users can keep track of their ratings. At the end of the month, the winners will be rewarded with prize money, which will be distributed according to the percentage rating. The prize money increases depending on how many participants have purchased the paid package of the game.

We also have in mind that the application detects speeding and blocks the user from taking the mission.

This is, in short, the main essence of the game, you can visit our Facebook page or website to learn more about it. We are preparing a lot of surprises ahead, which we will inform the customers through our social media channels and push notifications.

What are your plans for this year and are you going to launch the game in other countries, what is needed for that?

Clearly, the essence of this game is much more global than - local. Our mission is to move the world. In fact, we are currently launching the first version of the game in Georgia. And after refinement, in fact, all together - absolutely all the Movers, the project team, and the players - together we show the world what we have been able to do and move the Earth.

You have already revealed the first winner this week. How many people participated in the first stage and how many people do you predict will be at the end of the year?

In the first week, 1400 people took part in the tournament. It went beyond the realm of fiction. We have an annual plan - 40,000+ across Georgia and 1,000,000 + worldwide.

We want it and we can do it. We have already proven at the start that we can do a lot.

As long as we want it.

As long as we believe it.

As long as we move.