Posted: 3 years ago

Georgian-American Law Company EK Law Office PLLC to Launch Operation in New York

EK Law Office PLLC Georgian-American law company has launched operation in New York.

Ekaterine Egutia, licensed lawyer in New York, graduate of Harvard Law School, has quitted the position of senior layer at TBC Bank and founded a company jointly with Nino Kobakhidze, head of supervisory board of Women for Future federation of business leaders.

According to representatives of EK Law Office PLLC, at this stage Georgia-American company provides professional law services for small business representatives and entrepreneurs in New York.

The company provides services in migration law, small and medium American/Georgian companies or other business-related issues, she said.

„EK Law Office PLLC will assist clients in resolving migration issues, preparing documents and establishing companies, registration of trademarks or copyrights, preparing contracts”, she noted.