Posted: 6 months ago

Georgia to Export Burger Buns to McDonald's Network in Azerbaijan

Starting March 2021, Georgian burger buns will appear in the global network of McDonald's.

The plant construction works have been finished and certain technical components are being specified. As Temur Chkonia told Business Partner, the project is an estimated EUR 6 million. Georgian burger buns will be exported to Azerbaijan and Russia. ‘The giant bakery will be finished in the last decade of March 2021. We will produce absolutely different bread for McDonald’s network.

In general, new products for the European market are initially introduced in Georgia and then in other places. This specific issue is of special importance for us and therefore, they have entitled us to implement this project.

Construction works started 7 months ago. We will produce over 60 million buns to satisfy Georgian, Azerbaijani and Russian markets. Imports will be fully replaced. Investments amounted to around EUR 6 million”, Temur Chkonia said.