Posted: 3 years ago

"Georgia might Become Popular Tourists Attraction After Ending Coronavirus Outbreak" - Guram Bagdoshvili

Guram Bagdoshvili does not exclude that after ending the coronavirus outbreak, Georgia might be one of the popular tourists' direction.

He notes that regarding the events held within the framework of preventing coronavirus from spreading in the country.

"Much more developed countries could not manage to prevent the spreading of coronavirus with their means effectively, then Georgia. It is not excluded, that Georgia might be one of the first spots, which will get be overcome by the tourism since we're a small country and have a little number of inhabitants infected.", declared Bagdoshvili in Business Partner.

Bagdoshvili also points out the activities of Georgians.

"The whole country is supportive. We try to protect ourselves, not to be in communications, which Georgians love. In several countries of Europe, schools and kindergartens are not closed yet. They take the measures irresponsibly. In Georgia, we actively fight coronavirus.", stated Guram Bagdoshvili, head of Gastronomic Tourism Association of Georgia.