Posted: 2 months ago

Georgia-Israel Chamber of Business and Israeli House to Donate 18,00 Lari to StopCov Fund

Georgia-Israel Chamber of Business, its member companies and "Israeli House" will transfer 18,000 Lari to the StopCov fund and will give Georgian journalists medical face masks produced in Israel. 

Itsik Moshe, president of the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business and the founder and Chair of Israeli House makes an announcement on this matter.

It is said in the announcement, that the Georgia-Israel Chamber of Business and Israeli House, which are working on bilateral collaborations, are ready to support the partner country.

"In these harsh times, in the circumstances of the world pandemic and state of emergency, we fully acknowledge our civilian duty and think, that now our social roles and responsibilities have the vital importance. 

Israeli House, Georgia-Israel Chamber of Business and its member company M.C.I project, which continues building up of the hotel in the historical district of Tbilisi, are ready to contribute 18,000 Lari to StopCov fund. 18 is the symbol of life in Jewish language and we believe, that this donation will be honourable contribution to save lives.", stated Itsik Moshe.