Posted: 3 weeks ago

Georgia Introduces Exclusive Fast Track Service for Visa Card Holders

Visa, the global leader in digital payments, in collaboration with TAV Operation Services (TAV OS), has introduced the Fast Track service at Tbilisi International Airport. This is the first time this exclusive service is available in Georgia, offering a special terminal for Visa premium card holders.

Visa premium card users can now utilize the Fast Track service at Tbilisi International Airport by simply tapping their card at the terminal, allowing them to bypass long queues. The Fast Track service ensures that all necessary procedures are completed in the shortest possible time and is available to holders of Visa Platinum, Visa Signature, Visa Infinite, Visa Platinum Business, and Visa Signature Business cards.

The service can be used twice a year with Visa Platinum and Visa Platinum Business cards, four times a year with Visa Signature and Visa Signature Business cards, and six times a year with a Visa Infinite card.

"Visa supports the development of both local and international tourism in Georgia. Through our cooperation with TAV OS, we have introduced Visa's Fast Track service for the first time in Georgia, making travel experiences for our premium card holders more flexible, comfortable, and complete. This collaboration will enhance our customers' experiences and contribute to the advancement of tourism in the country," said Diana Kighuradze, Visa's regional manager in the Caucasus region.

"We are pleased to present the renovated and improved Tbilisi Primeclass Lounge, which now offers increased space and an updated bar to provide a more comfortable experience for our guests. As tourism hospitality experts with experience in 90 lounges across 19 countries, Tbilisi holds special importance for us. We will continue to invest in the future through new collaborations. The partnership with Visa is very valuable to us and underscores our commitment to digital transformation and improving the passenger experience," said Frank Mereide, Member of the Executive Board of TAV Airports and Chairman of TAV OS.

Children under six years of age can use the Fast Track service for free if they are accompanied by a Visa Premium cardholder.

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