Posted: 8 months ago

Georgia Capital to Create New Holding of Real Estate

The head of the new holding will be Irakli Burdiladze.

Georgia Real Estate Holding will unite MR Group (which involves M2 and building company BK CONSTRUCTION) and the field of hotels and real estate property that is used for business activities. This will be positioned on the market with the name of Amber Group.

Amber Group intends to open 6 hotels under this brand. Georgia Capital is planning to invest $540 million in the field of tourism for the next five years.

Recently, Irakli Burdiladze was general director of M2 Group, who was replaced by Shota Berekashvili. Shota was positioned as a partner and building management head of M2 Group.

"Amber Group is the brand, which will be focused on Georgian culinary, popularisation of Georgian winemaking tradition and attracting tourists, who have high consumer buying power.", declared general director of Georgia Real Estate Holding.