Posted: 1 month ago

Georgia Capital Leaves Tekuna Gachechiladze's Restaurant Business

The partnership of Holding Georgia Capital and famous chef Tekuna Gachechiladze's 4 restaurants has ended. As Tekuna Gachechiladze told "Business Partner", the reason is Georgia Capital leaving the service sector.

"Since January 2021, all my restaurants are 100% owned by me. Georgia Capital stopped investing in all such areas, we parted our ways on a friendly note. We had a big and good partnership, but they did not continue to invest in this field, ”said Gachechiladze.

We would like to remind you that Georgia Capital's hospitality business has been a 50% partner of Tekuna Gachechiladze's 4 restaurants since December 2019. The total value of the deal was GEL 1.3 million.

Chef Tekuna Gachechiladze's restaurant chain combines three high-class restaurants and a culinary school, which has no analogues in the Georgian market. The network is represented by three restaurants: Culinary Khacheria, Restaurant Litera and Takeria.