Posted: 1 week ago

Geo Naturals Plans to Export its Products

"Geo Naturals" has expanded its assortment. According to the company's marketing consultant, Amiko Kalandia told, at this stage, large chain markets (Carrefour, Fresko, Ori Nabiji, etc.) mainly sell stewed meat preserves, and new flavors will enter the chains at the end of September.

"We increased the number of products we manufacture from 12 to 18. The customer can buy ready-made cold Tolma in a vine leaf, oyster, chakhokhbili, kharcho, etc. All these products are sold in canned form, which only needs to be heated," says Kalandia. Ready meals are sold in 400-gram tin cans, and fish products are sold in 160 and 240-gram cans. According to him, the updated menu and products of "Sadili" are aimed at middle segment customers.

The company receives raw materials from the local market.

The products will be exported to Canada, Ukraine and in the near future to Azerbaijan.