Posted: 2 months ago

GCA Technologies Introduces Aeropronics Farming in Guria and Samegrelo

GCA Technologies, a producer of ecologically clean products, has successfully introduced aeroponics farming in Guria and Samegrelo.

According to the director of GCA Technologies, Onise Zivzivadze, the company has started to support the development of a modern greenhouse, which produces 100% environmentally friendly agricultural products.

The technology of aeroponics has already been successfully introduced in Guria and Samegrelo. In the first case, roses, and in the second case - lettuce leaves are cultivated.

The average price for the introduction of "smart aeroponics" technology (4 square meters) is 3,500 GEL. Consultation is free if needed.

The company is the winner of the GEL 100,000 co-financing grant program of the Innovation and Technology Agency.