Posted: 1 month ago

Fresh Culinair to Open in Tbilisi

The varieties of violet, orange, green and other colors of cabbage, all types of zucchini and artichokes, Montero, Kumato - more than 750 different exotic and less-known varieties of fruits and vegetables, opened the first fresh culinary store in Tbilisi.

As the founder of the store, Soso Marsagashvili mentioned, the production is imported from 35 countries.

"We came up with an idea when chefs of famous hotels asked us to solve the issue of importing fruits and vegetables. After the hotels, supermarkets Agrohub and Goodwill were added to this list and we also import the products for them.

These are the foreign fruits and vegetables for Georgia, which are not harvested here, perhaps, there is a demand for them.  

This is not a frozen product, this is a new Fresh product.

It has been more than a year since we have been working on opening the store.

We have our plans, we want Georgian citizens to be introduced with the products, which were not imported in the country before.", says Soso Marsagishvili.

"For example, we import kiwi from New Zealand, lemon - from Argentina, Grapes - from South Africa, etc. Everything needs specific care and knowledge on this matter.

The transportation is also problematic, we try to solve this issue by ourselves.

Sometimes, we have a big loss but for us, the fact of earning money is not so important, as raising awareness on these products is. 

Local farmers will also realize in this process, that the demand for these products increases, and then they will also express the interest to harvest them. 20% of our imported products are fruit, and the rest of them are vegetables.", defined the businessman.