Posted: 2 years ago

Former Ortachala Prison Turns into an Alternative Cultural Space N12

At the initiative of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia, the former 12th Penitentiary Institution was transformed into an alternative cultural space in Ortachala in order to facilitate creative activities.

From now on, instead of the penitentiary institution, which is remembered by the society with hard stories, there will be an alternative cultural space in the center of Tbilisi, which will become an active center for gathering and creative activities of artists.

"Alternative Cultural Space N12" - this is the name of the place from today, which was opened with the performance "Marina Revia",of the Cultural Center of Marneuli Municipality, directed by Gocha Khvichia. 

"Alternative spaces are very important for artists, and it is more appropriate for modernity that certain creative processes take place not in traditional, classical spaces, such as large theaters or even an opera or a museum, but in alternative spaces. Such will be "Alternative Space N12" in Tbilisi. We have kept this name symbolically to show where this place comes from, the place of negativity, imprisonment, crime will turn into a cultural space where any young or older generation can carry out their creative project, "- said Tea Tsulukiani.

According to her, any artist can use the multifunctional space. Professional or amateur groups from both Tbilisi and the regions will be able to enjoy the rehearsal space, hold performances, concerts and various cognitive events.

The opening of the Cultural Center was attended by art critics, invited representatives of the legislature and the field of culture.