Posted: 1 year ago

First Marketing Event in Georgia SPOTLIGHT is Back

The Bank of Georgia continues to actively support interesting and large-scale events. For this purpose, Spotlight 2022, the main marketing event of the year in partnership with the bank, will be held on November 27 at the Pullman Axis Towers Hotel.

During the day at the event, up to 700 delegates will be able to attend master classes, workshops, inspirational speeches, and panel discussions. From the Spotlight stage, up to 30 speakers will share their experiences with the audience. At the event, guests will have the opportunity to meet old colleagues and establish new partnerships.

The list of this year's Spotlight 2022 speakers is as follows: Davit Gogichaishvili, Ani Robakidze, Misha Giorgadze, Kakhi Kandelaki, Dimitri Vachnadze, Niko Nergadze, Mariam Tsanava, "Men's Show", Ange Zheri, Toka Areshidze, Elenka Kokhreidze, Aleksandre Jejelava, Sandro Kvantaliani, Giorgi Kontuadze, Ruska Makashvili, Mariam Tsilosani, Eto Merebashvili, Levan Lafachi, Giorgi Kutsa Rukhadze, Ucha Urushadze, Irina Dumbadze, Mariam Chkhaidze, Beka Mefarishvili.

"It is important for the Bank of Georgia to promote the development and realization of the potential of the business sector and the people employed in it. We are delighted to have the opportunity to be a supporter of a marketing event like Spotlight. This event is a very good place where marketers, people interested in innovation can share their knowledge and experience, present interesting approaches, unconventional ideas, etc. The main thing is not to stop and always look for new opportunities or difficulties, in order to ultimately achieve such victories, which seemed unimaginable before," - said the Bank of Georgia.

The history of Spotlight begins in 2013, the author of which is The first event focused on the advertising and marketing industry. In 2016, Spotlight was rebranded to create a dynamic brand that aims to develop other adjacent destinations. Such as management, startups, innovation, visual arts, technology, and more. New directions imply new independent events with a preserved format. Spotlight returns in full force after a 3-year hiatus.