Posted: 3 weeks ago

Felco 2 Connects Generations: Celebrating 75 Years of Revolutionary Performance

Marking 75 years since its inception, Felco 2 has established itself as a groundbreaking tool, bridging generations with its enduring quality.

This iconic pair of pruning shears has journeyed through the hands of grandparents to their children and grandchildren, demonstrating remarkable durability and functionality over decades. Numerous farmers' stories bear witness to its legacy.

In 1948, young entrepreneur Felix Fleisch launched Felco 2 to the market, quickly gaining acclaim for its innovative design. Unlike other models at the time, Felco 2 distinguished itself with unmatched durability, lightweight design, ergonomic comfort, and precision cutting. The introduction of replaceable spare parts was a pioneering move by Felco, enabling users to extend the tool's lifespan further.

Today, Felco 2 continues to symbolize excellence in precision, reliability, and quality. Its enduring features and constant enhancements secure its position as a favored tool among gardeners and viticulturists, essential for their daily tasks.

“My family's Felco 2, nearly 70 years old, was passed down from my grandfather to my father, and then to me when I was just 14. Felco is more than a pruning shear in our family; it's a bond that connects generations,” shares Marco Becker, a vintner from Mainz, Germany.

Felco, a Swiss company, prides itself on crafting high-quality work tools and accessories, including state-of-the-art pruning shears, grafting knives, and saws. The company uses only the finest metals, ensuring longevity and performance. Design and ergonomics are paramount at Felco, making their tools not only long-lasting but also comfortable and easy to use.

Felco's range of products is available at "Agrosphere," Georgia's leading importer of innovative agricultural products and agro-technologies.