Posted: 1 month ago

Fady Asly Announces SME Assistance Center Establishment in Georgia

ICC Chairman Fady Asly Highlights Focus on Entrepreneurship Center in Georgia. Secretary General Leads Delegation for Center Establishment. Center to Aid SME Growth Across the Region, Strengthening Georgian Economy.

Secretary General of ICC Visits Georgia with Delegation for Entrepreneurship Center Establishment. Center to Benefit SMEs Across the Region and Foster Independent Business Growth. Aiming to Boost Entrepreneur Development and Strengthen Georgian Economy.

According to Fady Asly, the center will cover the entire region and help micro, small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) to develop.

"I believe that the role of the International Chamber of Commerce globally is to teach people how to grow their own businesses and how not to become dependent on government subsidies or artificial employment.

Our general secretary came to Georgia specifically for this purpose. The center will support micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to develop, increase their incomes, get rich and contribute to the growth of the Georgian economy," he said.