Posted: 3 days ago

Facebook Group Medguide Opens Its Own Clinic

The Facebook group "Medguide" created on November 8, 2020 will open its own clinic on September 15. 

During a visit to the program "Women's Narrative", Sopho Japaridze, founder of Medguide noted that the false pages of "Medguide" created on the social network confused the members of their group, and after the opening of the clinic, they will know - where to get a competent consultation.

"We will open a small outpatient clinic Medguide in a few days, which will be staffed with the best doctors. It will be a place where people will be received with the kindness, similarly to how Medguide doctors generally treat members of the group," said Sopho Japaridze.

The official website of the clinic states that the medical-diagnostic clinic is located at N73 Tsintsadze Street, Saburtalo district, Tbilisi.

"News from Medguide, our faithful friends!

The medical-diagnostic clinic "Medguide" is opened, where patients will receive high quality medical services from professional medical staff!

Trust us, we will work with leading specialists and professional doctors in Georgia, who are ready to use their knowledge to take care of your health!

We will try to stand by your side with the usual kindness. Thank you very much for the trust, ”the clinic's Facebook page reads.

For reference: Today, Medguide's Facebook group brings together 105,000 people. This is the third page of the group, which was created 10 days ago.