Posted: 3 months ago

Fabrika became Member of European Cultural Centers Network

Today Fabrika Tbilisi became the full member of cultural centers network – Trans Europe Halles!

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) is a European network of independent cultural centers initiated by citizens and artists. Founded in 1983, it currently brings together more than 110 multidisciplinary cultural centers and other cultural organizations from across Europe. Most are located in buildings from industrial heritage and have taken important action in challenging the established cultural policy.

Its mission is to strengthen the sustainable development of cultural centers and encourage new initiatives by connecting, supporting and promoting them. It facilitates international cooperation, provides opportunities for learning and sharing, and promotes the practice, impact, and value of arts and culture. It organizes two international meetings per year, coordinates international projects, runs professional development training, consults for public and private organizations, and seeks to actively influence cultural policies.

Trans Europe Halles (TEH) was born in March 1983 when Philippe Grombeer was involved in setting up an arts center in the former covered market in Brussels – Halles de Schaerbeek. He reached out to a few similar initiatives in Europe for help and six other cultural pioneers that later became the network of Trans Europe Halles.

Organized twice a year and hosted by a different member center each time, the TEH meetings are a source of inspiration and a birthplace for new collaborations. It is also the opportunity for our members to meet and discover new countries and new cultural centers.

From now on, as the full member of TEH Fabrika is given the opportunity and chance to learn from the stories and processes that 25+ years old or 40,000+ sq.m cultural centers had experienced.

''When we were starting, we had the goal to create a platform for people in creative industries for sharing, creating, socializing and exchanging ideas.

Later we discovered that there are tens of places similar to us with similar missions and visions throughout Europe that are called cultural centers or creative hubs and had the amazing stories behind them.

We believe that bringing these experiences to our hometown will foster the impact and importance of cultural centers in Georgia,''-reads Fabrika's blog. 

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