Posted: 1 week ago

Expanded Domestic Flight Routes Expected as Georgia Sees Rising Passenger Demand

Irakli Karkashadze, Director of the Union of Georgian Airports, has hinted at the likelihood of broadening domestic flight routes in response to an increasing demand for internal air travel. 

The Union is currently in the process of preparing an in-depth tender aimed at securing a long-term contract with an airline that could service all regions possessing airports with domestic flight capacity.

Karkashadze highlighted that the popularity of domestic flights had seen a significant uptick, with the previous year's passenger numbers reaching close to 70,000. The Union projects that this number will increase further in the current year.

The Director explained that the Union closely monitors the demand for various routes on a monthly basis. A case in point was the recent observation of increased demand for the Ambrolauri route during June and July, prompting an adjustment in flight frequency.

"Ambrolauri initially had lower traffic compared to other routes. However, with demand on the rise, we found it necessary to increase the flight frequency," said Karkashadze. "We adopt a similar approach with other airports, adjusting flight frequencies as soon as we identify a surge in demand or anticipate a significant event."

Karkashadze also revealed plans to introduce new routes to Kakheti later in the year. Further details about these additions will be made public at a later date.

He pointed out that domestic flights in Georgia are subsidized, with a budget allocation of 8 million GEL. This assistance is crucial in keeping flight rates within an affordable range for the general public.