Posted: 1 week ago

Essential oils from Guria - Mtsvane Bumbo Plans to Produce Citrus Essential Oil

Georgian production of eucalyptus and laurel essential oils and eucalyptus plantations - this business was established by the company "Mtsvane Bumbo" in 2018 in the village of Supsa, Lanchkhuti municipality. With the investment of 234,000 dollars, a new enterprise was launched in Guria.

Doka Baghaturia, Commercial Director of the company, told BM.GE that the project was funded by USAID and their participation was $ 74,000. Today, the "Mtsvane Bumbo" enterprise is located on 0.5 ha, and the nursery - on 3 ha. Its monthly production is 500-600 liters of essential oil, 40 tons of hydrolat (the second product obtained by distilling essential oil and used in cosmetics) and 3,000 eucalyptus seedlings.

"Essential oils in Georgia are mainly imported from abroad; At the same time, Georgia is rich in plants, which is why we decided to produce 100% natural essential oils.

The plant currently produces three types of essential oils - two types of eucalyptus and laurel, although the production resource is 14 types of products. The products are mainly bought by the representatives of the food industry, where the quality indicator is of great importance. The cost of our oil in the network is 15 GEL. "Compared to the quality, it is a low price, but we take into account the capabilities of the local population," - explained Doka Baghaturia, adding that customers can buy "Mtsvane Bumbo" essential oils in "Mtsvane Pharmacy" and "Goodwill".

The company currently creates 10 jobs, but plans to increase the number of employees along with the diversity of products.

"We are gradually acquiring the technology in the company and we are going to increase the production of citrus essential oils for the summer.

The main task of the "Mtsvane bumbo" is quality over quantity. Samples sent to various laboratories of our essential oils have received very positive reviews. Fortunately, there are cultural, natural plants in Georgia from which natural and high quality essential oils are obtained. Other countries use hybrid plants, which does not allow them to produce products of this quality," - explains Baghaturia.