Posted: 4 years ago

Efes Georgia, The Producer Of Natakhtari, Continues To Deliver Joy For The Consumers With Extreme Safety Meassures In Production

As part of the fight against the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, in line with the recommendations of the WHO and the Government of Georgia, Efes Georgia has identified some of the clear priorities for protecting its employees, consumers and business partners:

  • Protect the health and well-being of the company employees
  • Ensure that consumer needs are met in the process of production, in line with health standards
  • Support the Georgian community, our partners and our staff members

In line with these priorities, From March 16, Efes Georgia employees who do not work in the field or in the plant, have been moved to remote working. The production process is carried out in a highly automated manner, with minimum human involvement. We have also minimized the working hours and the working areas for field groups. External visitors were banned from the plant territory and administrative offices.

We disinfect the whole plant, our equipment, bottled production and vehicles on a daily basis, for which we have created special mobile groups. We also remotely measure and control the temperature of all employees, provide gloves, masks and hand disinfectants to field personnel, including distributors. Disinfectant barriers and hand disinfectants have been installed at all work sites.

In addition, we placed posters about COVID-19 preventive measures in our breweries and the offices, provided special education training for our staff and we constantly tighten preventive measures.

We believe that consistent and steady actions against COVID-19 will minimize potential complications.