Posted: 5 months ago

Efes Georgia, producer of Natakhtari, allocates 150 00 GEL in support program supporting fight against new virus

Efes Georgia”, within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility is planning to spend 150 000 GEL

How company is going to spend this amount?

STOPCOV fund will be supported in monetary way (Cash Support)

Natakhtari Fund beneficiaries’ (youngsters without parental care) individual needs are being identified and met by a company, which includes: Online sessions with psychologists, House Rent, Medication, Needed resources for remote learning, as well as cash support for those beneficiaries who lost their jobs. Also fund beneficiaries constantly are informed with credible information about virus preventing measures;

Support of Society - Company has provided 2 months supply of disinfection liquid to Infection Pathology and Aids Center

Lemonade to emotionally uplift vulnerable Groups - Company identifies most vulnerable groups and in order to send them a little bit of joy, with help of different funds and organizations, sends them lemonade. These vulnerable groups are: People of an age 70+, families below poverty line, as well as those in quarantine and our doctors.

Efes Georgia takes into consideration and follows all recommendations of government and disease control center. From 16th of March company has switched to remote working and continues to satisfy consumers’ needs producing its products with extreme safety measures.      

Company believes that following all recommendations of National Disease Centre and Government will help us to fight virus and wishes health to all its employees, partners and whole world.