Posted: 1 month ago

Edison to Manufacture Medical Valve Replica; “It Can Save Human Lives”

Edison Tech Solutions has launched implementing a new project for manufacturing medical valve replica. The project aims to replace expensive valve replicas.

This innovation will become an important instrument in emergency situation, including for assisting coronavirus-infected patients

Edison Tech Solutions founder Givi Beridze told BM.GE that the idea arose after the similar project was implemented in Italy.

"This device connects the oxygen balloon with a ventilator. When the lungs fail, the ventilator helps in breathing. Naturally, the original device is better, but it can save human lives anyway”, Give Beridze said.

At this stage, the company representatives are developing various designs of replicas.

"This model will be manufactured for each breathing device separately“, Givi Beridze explained.

Edison Tech Solutions launched operation on the Georgian market 2 years ago. The company is specialized in manufacturing high-technology devices.