Posted: 1 week ago

E-Commerce Association Georgia: E-Commerce Market Size Hits GEL 140 Million

Georgia’s e-commerce market size has increased to GEL 140 million, Amiran Sherozia, the founder of the E-Commerce Association Georgia, noted and added that the market size has increased four times, compared to previous years.

“Over the past 4 years, the market size doubles from year to year. We expect this trend to grow in the coming years too. The pandemic has substantially boosted the sector's development. Nonetheless, Georgia’s e-commerce industry remains in germ condition. The key challenge consists in a small market and invaluable delivery services. It is difficult to attract many brands to Georgia because the small market cannot raise their interest. Infrastructure also remains problematic. Logistics centers, storehouses remain undeveloped, and better technological solutions are required”, Amiran Sherozia said.

The country should complete the development of an e-commerce regulatory framework in order to increase consumer confidence in this industry, Amiran Sherozia said.