Posted: 5 days ago

Duende Plans to Export its Production

Duende plans to export handmade accessories. 

The startup is owned by Keti Jolbordi and Shorena Sitchinava. The company offers its customers handmade accessories, which are distinguished by the fact that every item is exclusive.

"Despite the pandemic, we have positive expectations. We are planning to export our products. The goal is to have many more customers and provide the popularization of Georgian handmade accessories abroad.

We have no workshop yet. We prepare our products at home, perhaps, we hope, we will have space where we will work through joint efforts. Our hugest wish is to open the store, indeed, where we will situate our production for the customer to have a wider choice. We are going to add some different directions, but we will keep it a secret for now.", noted Shorena Sitchinava.

According to the representative of the company, it is not possible to bring certain products to the Georgian market, therefore, there is a product deficit, which is necessary for them.

They started the business with their own finances. They were planning a collaboration with certain companies to stimulate the business but the pandemic hindered them. Currently, the most effective source of spreading information is Facebook and Instagram platforms for them.