Posted: 5 months ago

Dressup Group Takes Over Exclusive Representation of Calvin Klein in Georgia

Dressup Group has secured the exclusive right to represent the iconic Calvin Klein brand in Georgia after successfully completing negotiations with JSC Probus Capital, the company that owns Calvin Klein Georgia. The deal ensures the protection of the business interests of both companies, paving the way for Dressup Group to take over the management of the brand in Georgia and further develop it through the expansion of the store network.

Since entering Georgia in 2017, Calvin Klein has enjoyed six years of successful operation and is currently represented by two official stores in Tbilisi: Calvin Klein Jeans (Galeria Tbilisi) and Calvin Klein (City Mall Saburtalo). The latter store features the premium model of the brand - House of Calvin - which was a novelty at the time of its opening and was only the fourth showroom of this type in the world after Dusseldorf, Tokyo, and New York.

As a result of the transaction with JSC Probus Capital, Dressup Group adds a significant brand to its portfolio. Calvin Klein is an iconic global brand with a successful history spanning 55 years.

"We are thrilled to achieve even faster growth and development of the brand in Georgia after this agreement. It is already planned to open new stores in Batumi and Tbilisi, including outlet-type stores," said Lasha Murvanidze, Executive Director of Dressup Group.

Teona Goderidze, General Director of Calvin Klein Georgia, hailed the agreement as a significant milestone, noting that Dressup Group's expertise and resources would be invaluable in furthering the growth of the brand in Georgia. With the right of exclusive representation now in the hands of Dressup Group, the future of Calvin Klein in Georgia looks brighter than ever.