Posted: 10 months ago

DJI Agras T40: A Revolution in Agricultural Drones Launched in Georgia

Recently, the state-of-the-art agricultural drone, DJI Agras T40, has made its debut in Georgia's market, raising the bar for precision farming.

With augmented tank capacity, intricate spray systems, robust protection, real-time mapping, and effortless maneuverability, this drone simplifies and optimizes tasks such as crop dusting and fertilizing. This transformative technology enhances work quality and minimizes time, revolutionizing traditional farming practices.

DJI Agras T40 stands out with its remarkable payload capacity. In spray mode, it can carry an impressive 40 kg, and in scatter mode, a staggering 50 kg. This expanded payload owes much to the drone's innovative coaxial double rotor and amplified wing dimensions.

Equipped with cutting-edge pumps, the DJI Agras T40 can dispense 12 liters of liquid per minute while in spray mode. Coupled with its dual atomization spraying system, it atomizes the droplets into uniform sizes, ensuring the efficient use of pesticides or fertilizers. The drone features an isolated tank design that prevents corrosion and safeguards the drone from potential damage. It also boasts a technologically advanced centrifugal valve that prevents fluid leakage.

Distinguishing it from other agro-drones, DJI Agras T40 incorporates a weight sensor. This crucial feature keeps real-time track of the remaining quantity of fertilizers or pesticides in the tank, offering the operator precise control over the drone’s operations.

With these and other features, the drone can distribute up to 1.5 tons of fertilizer per hour, covering 21.3 hectares of field crops and 4 hectares of orchards.

Innovative Radar, Real-Time Mapping, and User-Friendly Controls

The DJI Agras T40 comes with APAR, the same active phase frequency radar, and Binocular Vision, enhancing its collision avoidance capabilities. It can identify obstructions from 50 meters away and adeptly circumnavigate them.

The drone's real-time high-resolution imaging capability empowers the operator by providing immediate, high-quality aerial visuals. Additionally, it can quickly generate maps and deliver them to the operator, facilitating efficient route planning and minimizing wasteful flight distances. Remarkably, these functions can be performed offline.

The Georgian company Agrosphere recently introduced the DJI Agras T40 to local customers. Currently, it's available only through Agrosphere's retail outlets. Visit their website for more information about this innovative agro-drone.

Agrosphere, a purveyor of innovative agricultural products and technologies, strives to modernize farming practices and enhance the opportunities accessible to Georgian farmers.