Posted: 1 month ago

Distribution and Logistics Forum to Hold Supported by Aldagi Insurance Company

Supported by insurance company "Aldagi" and headed by Bene Exclusive, annual event "Distribution and Logistics Forum" is established, which held on February 8th in Bioli Wellness (Kojori).

Within the frameworks of the forum, memorandum of agreement of mutual understanding was formed between Distributors Business Association and Bene Group. The aim of the meeting was to unite members of this domain in an informal environment, to share the information and introduce them to newnesses. Speakers of the event discussed the matters of potential to establish Georgia as logistics hub and including state and private sector in this process.

The meeting's purpose was to initiate creating a logistic center and to consider relevant issues existed in this sphere.

The forum involved current tendencies in the field of distribution and logistics, introducing newnesses and existing challenges. The event was held within the panel discussions, in which representative of Aldagi participated. He presented the cooperation sector and spoke about a new product on the market - Trade credit insurance. 
The event was attended by both governmental and private sector representatives.