Posted: 1 month ago

'Dio is Ready to Hire Ukrainian Refugees' - Irma Daushvili

The company Dio manufactures high-quality curtain blinds, door and window frames, and other products. 

Recently, Dio announced that it is ready to employ Ukrainian citizens living now in Georgia because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

According to the founder of the company, Irma Daushvili, they can publish from four to 10 vacancies.

"Summer is coming, and during the season we often need additional employees, both female and male.

It is possible to employ Ukrainian citizens in the enterprise - we may not be able to get leading positions due to the language barrier, but we need staff. We are also able to use their services in the hotel "Nunisi", which we own.", noted Irma Daushvili.

Today, the EU-Georgia Business Council and the Georgia-Ukraine Business Association organized a round table on "Employment Opportunities for Ukrainians in Georgia" to discuss the employment of Ukrainian refugees.

"The purpose of the meeting was to discuss existing initiatives and strengthen coordination and cooperation between the invited parties.  

Among the participants were representatives of the Embassy of Ukraine, sectoral associations, private companies, and initiative groups."

The participants of the round table were informed about two initiative platforms with the presentations about:

  • GE, one of the leading vacancy platforms in Georgia, offers companies to publish vacancies for Ukrainians on their platform completely free of charge. Vacancies for Ukrainians can be found in the search system using the following filter #forukrainians. Please see in detail:


  • „Dopomoga Ukraini“ is an information platform created by a group of volunteers aimed at collecting and displaying all information necessary for Ukrainian citizens in Georgia in a single space. Please see in detail: