Posted: 8 months ago

Daviti Hotel Manager: Goderdzi Resort Faces Sharp Deficit of Accommodation Places; Road Problems also Harm

“Deficit of accommodate places create real problems”, Daviti guesthouse manager Omar Iakobidze told BM.Ge

Despite snowless season, a lot of tourists have arrived in the resort anyway, he noted.

“I could not host many tourists because of insufficient number of suites. The number of visitors essentially exceeds the number of accommodation places at the resort. The season opened on December 28 and despite snowless period, our guesthouse was fully loaded. Today the guesthouse is fully loaded and all places are booked up to March”, the manager noted.

The night without a meal costs 50 GEL at the guesthouse, which comprises 14 suites, he added.

“We primarily host Georgian, Ukrainian, Russian and German holidaymakers. We also host those who pay repeated visits, who stayed at our guesthouse in previous years, because their like this atmosphere. They can enjoy all sort of tracks here”, Omar Iakobidze noted.

Another major problem comes from disordered public infrastructure, the Daviti guesthouse manager told BM.Ge.

“At this stage, disordered road infrastructure creates major problems. The Batumi-Akhaltsikhe road creates real problems. The Authorities promised to broaden the road and asphalt the ground by 2021-2022. I do not know what they are waiting for, maybe elections. 90% of tourists come on their all-terrain vehicles”, Omar Iakobidze said.