Posted: 4 months ago

David Janiashvili: Market Demand Inspired Us to Manufacture High-Quality Plastic-Filled Metal in White and Black

Founded by a team of professionals in 2018, Alutech Georgia Company started with imports and the distribution of aluminum materials, accessories, mechanisms and other installation materials. From the very start, the company placed an emphasis on the production of high-rated products. 

In two years, the business grew into a plant equipped with modern technologies. The company also expanded with an assortment of products. Today, the company distributes  high-quality  raw materials for plastic-filled metals in two colors (white and black), and provides services for the installation of metal-plastic doors and windows. Thanks to a high-standard production, today, Alutech Georgia is one of the leaders in this industry, as the company offers an excellent combination of quality and prices. 

David Janiashvili, one of the founders and the Director General of Alutech Georgia, talks about how the company started operations in Georgia, and what products the company offers to consumers today. 

-When did the company appear in Georgia, and what was the company’s investment portfolio?

-The company has been operating on the Georgian market since January 1, 2018. An initial investment of 1.5 million GEL was replenished by an additional 1.5 million GEL in the process of expanding the volume and diversity of production . 

-How many different kinds of products did the company manufacture initially, and how the situation changed up to today? To specify, how many types of products do you manufacture, and where do you sell them?

-Initially, the company started with the import and distribution of aluminum materials, accessories and mechanisms, and other installation materials. Simultaneously, we started sales and the installation of domestically manufactured windows, doors and stained glass. Later, we added new products and services such as: the production and installation of indoor and outdoor handrails, the production and installation of composite panels and ventilated facades, the installation of both fixed and  folding roofs, sales and installation of stainless metal accessories and mechanisms, the sale of metal-plastic profiles and the installation of manufactured windows and doors, the production and sale of galvanized  steel profiles. 

-Reportedly, you have recently expanded the assortment of products, namely, metal-plastic products. Would you provide a more detailed look at this? 

-At this stage, the company distributes high-rated metal-plastic raw materials in two colors (white and black), and metal-plastic windows and doors. The existing market demand and lower prices compared to aluminum analogues inspired us to introduce a new line. It should be noted that black plastic material and products bear a visual resemblance to black aluminum products, while the price is lower by about 50% compared to aluminum. 

-What price segment does your company serve? What are the market prices? 

-Today, the company is one of  the leaders in this field, thanks to a very good combination of product quality and price. 

-What is the advantage of Alutech georgia company products compared to your competitors?

-Aluminum and metal-plastic products offered by Alutech Georgia are distinguished by their  quality and durability, while the company also offers flexible prices and high-rated services. 

-Does the company carry out the production process with different technologies? 

-The production process is automated, with cutting-edge machines that minimize the human factor in the process of cutting and milling profiles. Therefore, our technological edge allows us to maximally rule out imperfections and errors in the production process. 

-Does Alutech company export its products to foreign markets? 

-At this stage, our company does not export our products to foreign markets.