Posted: 1 month ago

Customers Can Order Vegetables Online via Spacefarms Platform

Spacefarms' vegetables and microgreens grow in a fully controlled environment using smart technologies.

Within the framework of USAID agriculture program, Spacefarms has created a customer communication platform that allows them to order seedlings and a variety of plants online. Previously, customers were able to buy Spacefarms products on-site in the hotel "Stamba".

"The delivery service "Farm to Home" means that customers are able to have a subscription on Spacefarms platfrom and receive a set of vegetables directly from the farm at any time of the month. It is also worth mentioning, that the vegetables go to the customer with their roots, saturated with all the useful vitamins that the freshly picked ones have. We do not use pesticides while growing vegetables.", noted the author of the project, Tusia Garibashvili.

Spacefarms entered the market two years ago. It grows up to 5,000 full-fledged seedlings, nearly 35 kg of micro-herbs, and edible flowers per month. Currently, half of the produced vegetables go to the subscribers, and the rest to the restaurants of Adjara Group.