Posted: 1 month ago

Cultivating Excellence: The Mishenko Family's Thriving Apple Orchards in Georgia

Ukrainian-born Ilya Mishenko, alongside his father, embarked on an apple-growing venture a decade ago, inspired by the orchards his father had seen in Belgium.

Choosing Georgia for its potential, they began their endeavor on a modest 5 hectares of land. Over the years, their operations expanded, and today their orchards stretch across 33 hectares.

"I appreciate the intricacy of farming; it's a profession that demands your attention round the clock, unlike a factory job or a typical 9-to-5," reflects Ilya.

The Mishenko orchards are a testament to diversity, nurturing up to seven apple varieties, including Gala, Golden, Fuji, and the Ukrainian Simirenko. Their annual yield is impressive, with about 300 tons of apples harvested each year. This season, the bounty was particularly generous, yielding larger and higher-quality fruits.

Several key factors contribute to their success, Ilya notes. Paramount among these is their agro-technique, which ensures timely work and adherence to harvest schedules. The role of tractors and sprayers is critical. "Even a delay of a day can have repercussions that manifest weeks later. Prompt action is essential," he stresses.

The quality of fertilizers and pesticides is also vital. Ilya has observed that while inferior quality products may show short-term results, they tend to lead to issues that are labor-intensive to resolve later.

Ilya is quick to credit the collective effort of his team. "Our success fundamentally relies on the hardworking individuals who make everything happen," he acknowledges.

The Mishenko story isn't just one of agricultural triumph but a narrative of dedication, where precision meets passion, cultivating not just apples, but excellence.