Posted: 5 months ago

Companies Should Fill Out Application for Online Trading Permission

To be permitted to trade online, the companies should fill out the special application and then get the special inspection.
In case of satisfying every standard, businesses acquire the right to continue online trading. The same application is filled out by the representatives of businesses, which are not in the list of permitted activities but wish to continue operating. 
The applications are already published on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development.
"Ministry of Economy finished working on the special application which is already uploaded on its website. It will be presented on the platform of Ministry of Rural Development. Also, Tbilisi City Hall will offer businesses that can not operate in these circumstances a unified form. These applications are also related to both building companies and industry of building materials.", noted Natia Turnava and added: "We have created mobile groups, in which labor and tech inspection participate. We maintained this to mobilize our resources and check the businesses speedily. As soon as we will be sure, that the businesses, which intend to trade online, satisfy every standard determined by the Ministry, we will present it to the emergency department and decisions will be made. Of course, it will need several days or one week. This period is the crucial sacrifice, which businesses offer to stay safe. This is the new period for the economy of Georgia and the world. Business will be the most competitive and safe."