Posted: 4 months ago

CLAAS Introduces EVION, an Innovative New Addition to Its Combine Harvester Line

German agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS continues to push the boundaries of innovation with the introduction of its latest grain combine, EVION. Building on the success of its predecessors, LEXION and TRION, EVION elevates the unique features synonymous with CLAAS machinery to new heights.

EVION: The New Generation in the CLAAS Family

EVION is the culmination of years of technological advancements and rigorous testing by the CLAAS team. It blends the time-tested technologies of LEXION and TRION, offering enhanced reliability in this new series of combines.

The global market now has access to three EVION models, with options for users to choose between CLASSIC and MAXI versions, or TREND and BUSINESS equipment, catering to diverse individual needs.

Efficiency and Durability Redefined

EVION is synonymous with convenience, flexibility, and durability. The combine's development focused on simplifying the farmer's work, especially under challenging conditions. Key improvements include an enhanced rear axle for increased efficiency and power. The EVION range offers a variety of idle speeds, adjustable via the CEMIS 700 control terminal in the cabin, where operators receive both auditory and visual notifications of changes.

For additional protection, the optional CEMOS AUTO CROP FLOW automatically deactivates the tiller in high-resistance situations, preventing damage.

Innovative Cleaning System for Optimal Harvest

EVION incorporates a proven cleaning system, previously tested in LEXION and TRION models. The system features two sieves and counter-rotating fans, ensuring effective grain cleaning and sorting. Operators can manage screening modes from the cockpit or opt for automation.

Capacity and Speed in Grain Handling

The EVION's grain tanks vary in capacity from 5,600 to 8,000 liters, equipped with sensors that alert operators at 70% and 100% capacity. Its 330 mm diameter pipe enables rapid unloading at 90 liters per second, emptying the tank in just 1 to 1.5 minutes.

Advanced Engine and Fuel Efficiency

EVION's 6-cylinder engine meets the exhaust emission limits set by the European Parliament. The DYNAMIC POWER management system optimizes energy usage, reducing fuel consumption by 10%.

Operator Comfort with Advanced Technology

The spacious cabin of EVION models boasts ergonomic controls for easy operation. The highlight is the movable CEMIS 700 touch screen terminal, offering high contrast for visibility even in direct sunlight. It can record various operational parameters, including fuel consumption patterns, enabling efficient management. Enhanced with LED lighting, EVION combines allow for efficient evening and nighttime operations.

Soon, the latest CLAAS combine, EVION, will be available in Georgia, courtesy of the official partner "Agrosphere." Georgian farmers and businesses can look forward to exploring EVION's features and capabilities in "Agrosphere" showrooms.