Posted: 1 week ago

Chatini Mestia Invests Additional 2 Million GEL in Hotel Development

Hotel "Chatini Mestia" launched in July in Svaneti continues to develop, and the initial amount of investment is about 2 million GEL.

According to the founder and the director of the hotel, Tatia Japaridze, they started launching the project in 2019, however, the pandemic hindered the process. The owners were able to put it into operation only this year. The 15-room hotel is currently in the development stage, which includes the arrangement of an open and closed bar on the fourth floor, a conference hall, and making an external facade. For the arrangement of a boutique hotel, the founders are investing a total of 2 million GEL within the framework of the state program "Enterprise Georgia", in addition to private funding.

"Although the hotel is not fully completed, its occupancy has been higher than expected since its opening. Among the guests were locals as well as citizens of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine. The month of August was fully loaded with advance bookings, and today we are already hosting guests."

The hotel currently employs up to 10 people.