Posted: 2 days ago

Certification of Alcoholic Beverages Becomes Mandatory in 2023

Mandatory certification of alcoholic beverages will be introduced in the local market from 2023. This is provided for in the draft law on Vine and Wine, which was reviewed by the Committee on Agrarian Affairs.

According to Levan Mekhuzla, Chairman of the National Wine Agency, there are four important changes in the Law on Vine and Wine.

New wine is added to the wine categories - "Dealcoholic Wine", for the production of which the appropriate equipment will be allowed, recognized by the International Vine and Wine Organization.

The next change concerns the addition of a new object of regulation, which is a wine drink, i.e. a wine-based drink.

A significant change concerns the mandatory certification of wine in the local market, which will enter into force in January 2023. This will give us more control over the local market.

"According to the amendment to the law, the National Wine Agency will be allowed to conduct expert analysis of transit cargo on the basis of an application by the relevant bodies," Levan Mekhuzla said.