Posted: 1 week ago

CarBox - Exclusive Gift Set for Licensed Taxi Drivers

Socar Georgia Petroleum, Greenway, and Amboli created a gift set for licensed Taxi drivers. CarBox includes necessary and favorable vouchers and discounts.

After technical inspection, licensed Taxi drivers can get the gift set in Tbilisi, in Greenway, or Socar service centers.

The CarBox also includes a specialized energy card of Socar, which offers licensed Taxi drivers a 20 Tetri discount on diesel and petrol. Apart from this, for every liter of diesel or petrol, the cardholder collects 3 Tetri. While purchasing online, this doubles and turns to 6 Tetri which is accumulated on the card. The discount also applies to gas and customers will be able to purchase gas with this card at a discount of 10 Tetri.

Apart from this, Taxi drivers will find the voucher of Greenwash in the CarBox. "Greenwash centers work 24 hours a day. The drivers can wash their own car, choose washing regime, washing solutions, and duration. 

Licensed Taxi drivers will be able to receive a CarBox if they will present their ID and tech passport in service centers of Socar and Greenway.

The adresses of Socar service centers are as follows:

  • Tsintsadze st. #55;
  • Marshal Gelovani Avenue (Near D. Aghmashenebeli Monument);
  • Service center of the airport (Near the Ministry of Internal Affairs).

To see the addresses of Greenway service centers, please visit the link above: