Posted: 2 weeks ago

Canceled Events and Restaurants in Danger of Closing

The vast majority of planned activities for the restaurant business have been canceled. According to the Restaurateurs Association, after the restrictions were imposed, 60% of the food outlets across the country were unable to continue operating.

The association expects that due to the ban on ritual events, a number of other restaurants will face the threat of closure.

Shota Burjanadze, the founder of the Restaurant Association, told Business Partner that 50-60% of the restaurants are already closed, and in this reality the problems will not only be quadrupled, but will be tripled.

"Because of these new regulations, restaurants will be closed, they just can not continue to operate," - said Burjanadze.

Recall that from tomorrow weddings, weddings, anniversaries and other ritual events are prohibited. The decision was made by the government at a meeting of the Interagency Coordination Council yesterday.