Posted: 1 year ago

Butrana to Open its Brand Store in Tbilisi

Butrana is a micro-zone located in Kakheti, near the village of Tibaani, which is one of the oldest territories in Kakheti. The grapes grown there are distinguished by special taste properties.

Jemal Khatiashvili, originally from Tibaani, started his own business on the family-owned land in Butrana and currently produces wine and cheese.

"Butrana" wine is of two types: "Saperavi" and "Rkatsiteli", which are currently sold in the HoReCa sector. However, the company plans to open a brand store in Tbilisi, where its cheese and wine will be sold.

"We also sell our products via social networks. 

Additionally, we hold the cheese and wine masterclasses for tourist groups, which is followed by a degustation. Mostly, foreigners come to the master classes, the citizens of our country rarely visit us.  Our guests are generally from Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

Our future plans involve exporting Butrana."