Posted: 2 years ago

Business Model Generation – Revolutionary Book by Alex Osterwalder Translated into Georgian

Business Model Generation, the work by Alex Osterwalder, has been published in Georgian language by the initiative of GEPRA consulting company and in collaboration with Palitra L publishing house.

The book was translated and published as part of the Blue Ocean project. The edition is available for initial sales. The book will appear at bookstores starting May 27.

 This is the world’s revolutionary bestseller in business field. Millions of its copies have been sold in 37 languages. This work is enlisted among 12 best business editions of all time under the USA Today rating.

Business Model Generation is for those, who change the rule of game, follow serious goals, try to constantly develop outdated business models and shape companies of the tomorrow. The book offers strong, simple, experienced mechanisms to realize, shape, transfigure and implement business models.

The book author Alex Osterwalder is a Swiss business theoretician, advisor, entrepreneur and speaker. In 2010 he established company Strategyzer, which enables companies to develop their activities, put forward better offers and shape strong business models. The business model canvass developed by Osterwalder has turned into an universal language in business field and more than 5 million persons have used it for developing their businesses.

The book will appear at bookstores on May 27. Before, Georgian readers are able to make advance order on the Biblus website and receive the book on the desirable address.

The Business Model Generation will be introduced at Tbilisi International Book Festival that will be held at Expo Georgia from May 30 to June 2. The presentation will be led by Soso Galumashvili, the founder of GEPRA consulting company. He will talk about important issues covered by this book, methods for creating a business model based on samples of specific companies. He will also explain how important the proper and innovative business models are for promoting startups and the already established organizations and finding their own market niche as soon as possible.  

 It is worth noting that education sector promotion is one of the directions of GEPRA’s CSR campaigns. The company has been implementing several projects in this field. At this stage, the company aims to promote business education through publishing modern business literature in Georgia Language. The Business Model Generation will be the first book available for Georgia readers. Three other books will be published by the end of 2019 in collaboration with Palitra L.

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