Posted: 2 months ago

Business Digital Adaptation Program -Adapter Launched Supported by Bank of Georgia

Business digital adaptation program- Adapter launched supported by Bank of Georgia. The project aims to support businesses to adapt successfully to continue their business despite the harsh global reality. 

By sharing modern technologies and resources, Adapter will help businesses integrate their resources in the fastest possible way. The adapter provides services such as: online sales; Sales and supplies management; Banking services; Distribution and Logistics.

Once joining Adapter, businesses will significantly simplify business processes - digitizing products or services, uploading and delivering them online, which will significantly help them keep economic activity going.

Recent developments have radically changed the world. Rapid change of approaches and adjustment to the existing reality are needed so that distancing does not cause business interruption.

“The possibilities are endless! Modern technologies allow us to cope with all this. We are committed to fully sharing the information, knowledge and technology solutions we have that will help businesses adapt and contribute not only to today, but also to future development. It is important to believe that there is a solution and that we will find it in unity! "- said Andro Ratiani, Head of Innovation and Strategic Projects at the Bank of Georgia.

For your information, the Digital Business Adaptation Program already includes: - a multi-vendor digital platform for selling products and services that will provide full digital support to businesses digitally selling / delivering products and services.

Optimo - Modern digital software for sales, supplies and operations accounting. It enables business management and complete control to be performed remotely, from anywhere.

Bank of Georgia - To support and help businesses, Adapter partner businesses have special terms available for both digital banking and concessional lending.

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