Posted: 4 years ago

Business Awards 2019 Returns with Updated Format and Nominations

Business Awards 2019 returns with updated nominations and a new format. For the fourth year in a row, TBC has successfully run the largest business awards in the country with the aim of establishing a business forum and promoting business.

The winners will be announced in new nominations this year, with all nominations selected in a way that reflects important aspects of the business.

The jury will select businesses this year based on the following criteria:

  • For creating the best product or service
  • Special care for employees
  • Distinguished for social responsibility
  • For the best innovations
  • For creating the best startup

There is news about jury too, if they were incognito until the final, so far this year their names are public. Not only businesses but also successful people in different fields have been selected to properly evaluate participants and their performance. Businesses nominated for each nomination will be evaluated by 5 members of the jury.

The prizes remain unchanged this year. The winners will choose the business and the digital services they need. TBC offers support in the following areas: digital strategy and new website, brand strategy, image campaign and software.

Registration will start today at and will continue until November 8. The winners will be announced in December.