Posted: 6 days ago

Business and Technology University Awards Pre-Acceleration Program Winner Startups

The pre-acceleration program by Business and Technology University (BTU) and EFSE have been finished.

DineSpace and have become the Demo Day Winners. The best startups were selected by domestic and international members of the jury. The winners will receive 10,000-GEL awards for development and will enjoy further support from BTU. DineSpace – is the platform that connects restaurants with clients to make everyday meal services simpler and more effective. – electric device of contactless buttons for all types of public spaces. The special award of the BTU Entrepreneurship Center was transmitted to two startups at their early stage of development.

They will get further support from the Entrepreneurship Center in terms of finances, marketing, legal and other aspects for further growth in the consumer market and development. Areal – tourism platform that enables guides and customers from various segments to create their own products. NuSaGi – the first Georgian application calculating calories that connect food outlets and customers with each other.

A total of 25 startups have taken part in the pre-acceleration program that comprised: 3-week intense workshops, 2-day hackathon in partnership with Save the Children organization for developing support technological resources for children with disabilities and their parents and 3) Demo Day with an invited jury. The hackathon was won by EduGuyz team that was selected by a special jury. The company received an award of GEL 3,000. EduGuyz has created a prototype of an application that alleviates communication for children with disabilities and their parents.

The users compose a sentence through illustrated pictures and these sentences are transfigured in sounds. And Artificial Intelligence (AI) simplifies further the use of the application, based on the specific context and reduces the word searching time.