Posted: 5 years ago

Budapest Petrol Station in Tbilisi - SOCAR Continues Creative Campaign

Regarding Soccer European 2020 championship, "Socar" continues its creative campaign, within which SOCAR's branded petrol station was opened on Sheshelidze Street in Tbilisi.

Renewed station will take you to Budapest, Hungary. Visual decoration of the petrol station will remind you of the famous film "Hotel Grand Budapest ", which played a major role in popularizing the city's name.

The new decoration is in the colors of this film and its director Ves Anderson. The main element is the bridge over the river Danube, which is one of the main symbols of the connection between the two old towns of Buda and Paste and the entire Budapest.

The 2020 Football Championship, UEFA, is globally marked and will be held in 12 different countries worldwide for the first time in football history. The company "Socar" is involved in the global events of the championship and is implementing a creative campaign since March 2019. "Budapest" is the fourth branded station. The rest 3 renovated stations will take you to Rome, Amsterdam and Glasgow.

Within the framework of the campaign, 11 new petrol stations are envisaged by the main features and landmarks of the European Championship host cities of Rome, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Budapest, Copenhagen, Bilbao, Bucharest, Munich, Dublin, Baku and London. Only Petersburg is not included in the list. The company "Socar" takes into consideration the situation between the countries and refraining from presenting the Russian city in Georgia. The campaign dedicated to the 2020 Football Championship will be completed in December 2019.

Together with the petrol station's branding, the uniforms of the staff will be formed in similar design, and the souvenir shops will be opened according to different cities. Famous designers worked on petrol stations.

"SOCAR's" Corporate Social Responsibility Platform's "5 Standard of Responsibility" One of the directions is to support young people, promoting education, healthy lifestyle and sports, including promotion of football.