Posted: 5 days ago

Brothers Arveladzes to Launch Cold Storage in Guria

Brothers Rezi, Shoti, and Achi Arveladzes plan to open new cold storage in Guria Region in 2022 to store blueberry crops there.

As noted by Blueberry Farm co-founder Eka Vepkhvadze, the project is being actively developed, including in terms of designing works.

"The cold storage will store and cool the crops and prepare them for exports”, Vepkhvadze noted. Blueberry plantations grow on 27 hectares in the village of Likhauri, Guria Region. The cold storage will be arranged nearby, she said. Blueberry Farm company plans to expand the space of plantations to 50 hectares (550 tons) in 2023. Blueberry is mainly exported to Asia, UAE, and Russia.