Posted: 3 years ago

Brim Tbilisi, First Solar Powered Hotel Opened in Tbilisi

The Solar Panels installed on the roof of the hotel generates Electro Energy which is 80 percent of used AC.

As Manager of the Hotel Marketing, Nino Palavandishvili notes, the capacity of installed panels is 27 kW, but it manages to produce 40 000 kW in one year.

“The whole roof is covered by Solar Panels which supplies 80 percent of Electro Energy. However, in the off-season, Solar Panels are still generating Solar Energy. Before opening a hotel, we managed to transfer manufactured Energy from already installed solar panels to the Network of Electro Energy. Now, after opening Brim Tbilisi, what we produce, is used for the hotel. If there would be an occasion, where Solar panels will generate Energy over the limit, we will transfer it to the Network.", Nino Palavandishvili stated.

Brim Tbilisi is the first complex in the city which uses the solar panel as its main source of energy. The eco-friendly environment features 52 rooms with spectacular panorama views of Tbilisi. Mostly, visitors are foreigners. Brim Tbilisi with the hotel also includes a restaurant.